Bug Triage

Hardware and software bugs in released products can harm product sales, increase service and support costs, and erode your market reputation.

Hardware and software bugs often get lost in a sea of endless tasks, deprioritized to make timelines and ignored or unfixed because of lack of visibility or time. Let’s face it – there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it!

The bug triage program is a process for sorting prioritization while developing an organized methodology and an approach to attend to each and every issue found.

We have an established methodology for detecting and eliminating defects to save you valuable time and resources. Our programs evaluate, prioritize and systematically assign resolutions to tackle the most critical or severe bugs promptly.


Also see Dogfooding

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Our Approach

  • Resource specialists spend weeks understanding patterns and groupings of the big picture
  • Our Triage experts are trained in QA, spending time reproducing and assigning each bug in the queue
  • For bugs that are vague and unclear, specialists will attach instructions, logs, attachments and videos to provide clear evidence of defect steps, but work within the client’s rules and guidelines
  • Provide detailed dashboards reporting on bug groupings, priorities, duplicates, noise, and any other customized fields that will further communicate weekly progress

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Global Infrastructure

Experienced Team

A diverse team with solid technical expertise in testing complex projects around functionality, compatibility, performance, automation, strategy and architecture design.

Well Developed Methodologies

Solid experience bringing innovative thinking to building custom testing approaches with the goal of saving clients’ money and improving efficiency while providing first-class quality.


National and international ISO 27001 compliant Q TestLab facilities that can be quickly reconfigured and scaled to provide customizable world-class secure facilities that support your hardware and software testing.

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