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Offsite Managed Services Testing of New Mobile Operating System


Mozilla, the creator of the Firefox web browser, was preparing to launch Firefox OS, a Linux-based, open-source, mobile operating system for smartphones and tablet computers that enables devices to be manufactured to open web standards for the first time. Firefox OS smartphones provide a viable, low-cost offering targeted at emerging markets. 

The Mozilla Firefox browser had evolved through ongoing contributions from a huge, open-source community consisting of volunteer and unpaid developers. However, for the mobile product, Mozilla decided to perform the design and development in-house. The organization recognized that in-house quality assurance and testing would be needed to ensure a comprehensive examination of the operating system’s features, functions, usability, reliability, security, performance and more.


Mozilla initially hoped to satisfy its quality assurance and testing needs with its corporate team based in Mountain View, CA. However, the company found the testing efforts daunting due to the extensive functionality of the Firefox OS smartphones. Out of the box the smartphones offered calls, messaging email, camera, built-in Facebook and Twitter, HERE maps, the Firefox Web browser, Firefox marketplace and more. Lacking sufficient in-house testing resources and facilities to meet deadlines and quality requirements, Mozilla decided to outsource some of the testings to external service providers.


Q TestLab, an onshore offsite Q Analysts service offering that uses a proven and scalable delivery framework with millions of hours of testing expertise was selected from among six bidders because of Q TestLab’s ability to deliver outsourced QA & Testing services at a competitive overall ROI. Drawing from its years of experience in testing mobile devices, the Q TestLab team worked quickly to build a project execution plan incorporating a staffing plan for the team, position descriptions, hiring criteria, SLAs for the testing effort and equipment requirements within the Q TestLab facilities. Utilizing the Q Analysts Talent Community of testers and quality assurance engineers, the Q TestLab staffed a 20-person team including team management, technical leadership and mobile testers, and set up the fully-equipped, secure Q TestLab testing facility that met Mozilla’s specifications—all within 3 weeks.

Q Analysts provided a full suite of testing services to Mozilla for the Firefox OS testing project and subsequently expanded the scope to include developing test plans, test cases and automation tools. Moreover, to maximize efficiency, we restructured the service delivery model within the Q TestLab for Mozilla and created a dedicated Smoke Test Team, Regression Test Team and Test Pass Team. We also wrote entire test suites and updated existing test cases. Our Q TestLab testing team received on-going training, skills development and education to ensure service excellence. Q Analysts consultant support program, ongoing team-building events and effective career development for outstanding performers are examples of ways in which turnover was minimized and productivity enhanced.

The initial release of Firefox OS was successfully delivered to Telefónica in Spain, Colombia and Venezuela on schedule and was subsequently introduced in other countries with the help of Q TestLab’s managed testing services.

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