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Q Analysts Launches The ‘Vets For Test’ Program Providing A Career path In Technology for U.S. Military Veterans

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Leveraging the discipline, focus and drive for excellence inherent in U.S. military veterans, Q Analysts builds a unique program to provide the highest level of services for the tech community

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Sept. 19, 2019 – Q Analysts today announced the launch of its “Vets for Test” program, a unique post-military career initiative for military veterans. The program is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington.

Vets for Test draws upon the discipline, focus and drive for excellence inherent in experienced U.S. military veterans to provide the highest level of technical services for the tech community. Military vets receive training, mentoring and a sustainable career path, while Q Analysts expands its pipeline of skilled resources for the company’s Q TestLab service offering. Q TestLab includes Quality Assurance and Testing in technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mobile, consumer device testing and Ground Truth Data services for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

The Vets for Test program began out of a need for a comprehensive program to address the challenges of veteran employment and long-term career stability. The program was developed with two main requirements: 1) offer a sustainable career path for U.S. veterans through a combination of training, mentoring and on-the-job experience, and 2) meet or exceed the standards that have made Q Analysts a trusted partner in the industry for more than 15 years.

“We are playing the long game by providing an end-to-end process for veterans to have a sustainable career path,” said Guy Elder, Director, Vets for Test. “What makes the program stand out is that we not only invest in providing the necessary training, but we then employ them directly to work for us on Q Analysts projects.”

How Vets for Test Works

To ensure ongoing program success, Q Analysts has invested deeply in optimizing the program for a military audience. Many U.S. servicemen and women receive extensive training in advanced technologies, making them ideal candidates when they transition to civilian life for careers in commercial markets requiring those specialized skills. For example, the U.S. Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida recently launched an initiative to expand its strategic capabilities in AI and ML.

Building on this infrastructure, Q Analysts has created a program unique within the tech industry. It begins by providing extensive and rigorous training focused on quality assurance and testing and ground truth data collection methodology, process, techniques and best practices. Q Analysts then provides specific, project-based training developed in coordination with its business opportunities and deploys the team with an experienced mentor who manages the project. The Vets for Test program is funded in-house and hires all the veterans who graduate the program, guaranteeing them a job.

This unique approach allows the Vets for Test program to directly address three major pain points with testing solutions that are typically outsourced — in many cases overseas: poor communication resulting from inconsistent and unclear reporting, uneven timeliness due to differing work hours and time zone differences, and lack of trust that the team has the maturity or experience to accomplish the task.

The Q Analysts Vets for Test program solves each of these issues. By working with Q Analysts’ business partners to develop project-specific training, communication is set to their standards, and responsiveness is immediate and in real time. Bringing veterans and their life experience, coupled with the expertise that Q Analysts is known for, results in a high level of maturity and attention to detail that is central to each and every project.

“Our clients gain a solution that meets their needs locally, and our employees gain a career path after serving their country,” said Elder. “It’s a win-win for everyone.”

“Hiring the right team is one of the hardest decisions that a company must regularly make,” said Ross Fernandes, CEO of Q Analysts. “The choice of who to bring into an organization, what they will add to a team and how the culture might be changed are all based on an educated guess of who will add value to a company. Q Analysts’ decision to hire veterans is based on a set of shared common traits that demonstrate their capabilities and backgrounds are an excellent match for our goals as a company — leadership, responsibility, self-motivation and a goal-oriented mindset.”

The Vets for Test Program launched its pilot program in Q2 2019. So far, 20 vets have enrolled in the program. Q Analysts goal is to train and hire 200 veterans over the next few years.

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Guy Elder
Director, Vets for Test
Q Analysts LLC

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