Speech-Driven Data

Speech-driven devices are already a part of our life. Your Alexa, Portal, and Siri devices work well because of the quality speech data that was captured. The more diversity in data captured from humans, spaces, and scenarios, the better these products work. Many businesses use chatbots to assist customers, and others are exploring the use of speech commands to perform mechanical tasks like opening a garbage can. In the future, you will be able to communicate in any language with a device that can translate the conversation in real-time.

We have extensive experience running initiatives of varied scale to capture accents, dialects, speech patterns, and other speech behavior’s for NLG, NLP and speech recognition applications.

Human speech is one of the first and most important applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. However, ensuring accurate, reliable speech data is uniquely challenging. Language nuances and idiosyncrasies can produce core data that is prone to misinterpretation. We are experts in capturing accurate and reliable data related to accents, dialects, cadence, and other speech characteristics at scale for applications including:


  • Natural language processing for sentiment analysis of preference recommendations, chatbots/digital assistants and natural language interaction with computers
  • Natural language generation that converts data into text and enables computers to convey information accurately in applications, including customer service, report generation, and transaction summaries
  • Speech recognition for speech-to-text dictation, interactive voice response systems, and mobile apps

Project Experience

  • Speech data collection of 50,000 utterances in various English accents used in device voice control audio data triage for thousands of utterances of speech data
  • Audio data quality grading of speech data for a new speech assistant product line
  • Studies of a major speech assistant product to gather competitive benchmark data
  • Voice assistant platform optimization to improve and grow speech products by capturing data from a diverse participant pool, different environments, and a variety of scenarios
  • Experience with multiple speech data capture studies with languages and accents from the US, EMEA and APAC countries

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Participants Pool

We have a dedicated global team focused on building a pool of tens of thousands of participants for our human focused data studies. Our participant base has been built with different demographics in mind, including ethnicity, race, gender, skin tone, body structure, and age.

Global Outreach

With a global presence on four continents, Q Analysts can scale our delivery capabilities to meet demanding data collection needs anywhere around the world.

Fully Staged Facilities

We have extensive experience with designing and implementing fully-staged customizable environments in our ISO 27001 compliant Q TestLab facilities around the world. These range from offices to home environments like living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms to sound proofed rooms and various types of simulated retail storefronts.

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