Human Driven Data

Body language can often communicate more clearly and fully than the spoken word. How people interact with products may contradict what they are saying and reveal a deeper truth.

We have deep experience in capturing granular behavioral data to tune the user experience for selective demographics, age groups, geographical locations, and cultures.

Recognizing gestures, facial expressions, and other behaviors can be especially critical for understanding young children, people with speech differences, or others with limited verbal skills. Our experts help identify every behavior variable — physical, geographic, cultural, and more — to collect data that accurately captures the actual user experience.


  • Emotion Recognition: Advanced image and/or audio data processing can capture “micro-expressions,” subtle physical cues, and vocal intonation that convey feelings. Applications include public safety, marketing, and customer service.
  • Image Recognition: Image analysis and characterization can optimize image searches, detect license plates, diagnose diseases, and verify identities.
  • Biometrics: Identifying, measuring and analyzing human behavior and physical structure can help create more natural interactions between humans and machines.

Facial Tracking

Capturing human data is an intricate part of how facial tracking works. Data is collected from a diverse range of people to ensure it will work for everyone. In the future, facial tracking will be used to interpret human emotions, replace IDs at the airport, and even unlock your car.  

eye tracking

AR, VR and MR devices use eye tracking to navigate. This technology will help cars understand if a driver is distracted. AR glass will understand what the user is looking at. Eye tracking could replace your computer’s mouse and how we interact with devices in the future.

Full body motion capture

Human capture will help security systems, gaming systems, and AR, VR and MR understand natural human movement. In the future, you can interact with a hologram that will understand natural human movement and walk you through fixing your car.

egocentric data tracking

Egocentric data is essential to wearable products like AR,VR, and MR devices. This data is crucial because it’s from a first-person point of view. To collect this data, participants need to wear the device while they are going through a capture scenario.  In the future, this will allow two people to do the same thing in different places.

Project Experience

  •  Capturing scripted gestures and speech patterns from 40,000 individuals nationally
  • Capturing extensive hand gesture movements from 1,000 individuals for an upcoming technology product
  • National project to collect demographic data for head and facial gestures for 12,000 humans
  • Frame-based data tagging and grading project for hundreds of thousands of video frames against reference data

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Participants Pool

We have a dedicated global team focused on building a pool of tens of thousands of participants for our human focused data studies. Our participant base has been built with different demographics in mind, including ethnicity, race, gender, skin tone, body structure, and age.

Global Outreach

With a global presence on four continents, Q Analysts can scale our delivery capabilities to meet demanding data collection needs anywhere around the world.

Fully Staged Facilities

We have extensive experience with designing and implementing fully-staged customizable environments in our ISO 27001 compliant Q TestLab facilities around the world. These range from offices to home environments like living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms to sound proofed rooms and various types of simulated retail storefronts.

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