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Dogfooding Program for Speech / Voice Products

Q Analysts was hired by a leading social network company to develop and drive a dogfooding program for their popular smart home consumer product. The objective: provide the smart home product hardware devices to the client’s full-time employees to test at home.  The client, whose intention is to develop the future of AI speech/voice technology with its innovative smart home device, enlisted us to manage, organize, and conduct a dogfooding program to improve the product’s AI speech/voice technology features.

Our work on this project stablished the versatility, adaptability, and ever-growing scope of the client’s “speech” product. This assignment has grown to include the tracking, managing, distribution, and recall of the clients’ devices for dogfooding purposes, as well as:

  • Conducting all aspects of event Ops & Logistics from start to finish – executing successful roadshows in both the US and Europe
  • Recalling, flashing, and refurbishing devices to redistribute to new participants
  • Outreach & recruiting at new hire orientations to grow the speech pool of dogfooders
  • Utilizing advertising and marketing with compelling internal posts to relevant groups for promoting and incentivizing the dogfooding speech program
  • Networking with stakeholders to help fulfill their needs and to grow our relationship with the client

The project consisted of our dogfooding operations team to partner with the client’s team to successfully recruit, enroll, verify, track, distribute, flash/refurbish devices, and manage the testing of more than 3,000 smart home devices.

We dove in headfirst, syncing up daily and then weekly to accomplish what was necessary each day to get the job done, including creating our own workflows to maintain distribution, returns, and recalls of devices with the use of an internal automated tool which creates tasks to carry out deliverables. We stayed flexible and open, utilizing spreadsheets to master the tracking portion of the workflow. Other team members learned SQL to help with data queries, analytics, and the creation of dashboards.

Because of our well-planned, well-managed, and organizational efforts, the client will now see an improvement in their smart home product’s AI speech/voice technology features. This will ultimately improve sales worldwide, and the client’s device will likely become the leading smart home video conference-enabled assistant product on the market! Throughout this project, we consistently met and exceeded the client’s expectations of high-level deliverables while offering top-notch service to all relevant stakeholders.


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